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our idea

We bring pro­duc­tion and crafts back to the city. The Strand­Fa­brik offers com­pa­nies, foun­ders and visio­na­ries easy access to peo­p­le, know­ledge, pro­duc­tion space, machi­nes, crafts and indus­try. Through varia­ble inno­va­ti­on are­as and spaces as well as pro­duc­tion pos­si­bi­li­ties, ever­yo­ne has the oppor­tu­ni­ty to rea­li­ze their own dreams and projects.

Our func­tion

Initia­tor for foundation

Indus­try- and craft-ori­en­ted foun­ders are given space at the Strand­Fa­brik to rea­li­ze their own ide­as and pro­jects that go bey­ond desk work. We are the only indus­tri­al area in Kiel to offer varia­ble inno­va­ti­on space and rooms as well as pro­duc­tion pos­si­bi­li­ties, share resour­ces, machi­nes and know­ledge and thus streng­then innovations.

Initia­tor for encounters

Strand­Fa­brik as a place for encoun­ters. A place whe­re you can work, think, crea­te, tin­ker, make, sup­port, fail, belie­ve and sim­ply be tog­e­ther. Here, hob­by mecha­nics meet stu­dents of the Racey­ard team of the Uni­ver­si­ty of Appli­ed Sci­en­ces, car­go bicy­cles are crea­ted that can be con­ver­ted into a nor­mal bicy­cle with just one click in the imme­dia­te vici­ni­ty of a mining farm that uses the was­te heat to heat the Strand­Fa­brik. Working in many direc­tions, coming tog­e­ther in one place – that is the StrandFabrik.

Initia­tor for innovations

Inno­va­tions are the key to growth, employ­ment and sus­taina­bi­li­ty – both in terms of the dura­bi­li­ty of busi­ness ope­ra­ti­ons and in the area of cost reduc­tions and resour­ce con­ser­va­ti­on through redu­ced con­sump­ti­on of ener­gy, raw mate­ri­als or water. In the future, we want to ensu­re a sus­tainable indus­tri­al socie­ty by imple­men­ting CO2-neu­tral technologies.

Our values

Mutu­al assistance

We belie­ve that our cor­po­ra­te cul­tu­re of bound­less col­le­gia­li­ty is a com­pe­ti­ti­ve advan­ta­ge for us, and that’s why we spa­re no effort to pro­mo­te and main­tain it.

Adven­tur­ous, crea­ti­ve & open-minded

Alt­hough one should never be reck­less, one should take risks and wel­co­me crea­ti­vi­ty. We don’t want to be com­pla­cent and con­tent with the sta­tus quo – we want more.


We are always expan­ding our skills, expe­ri­ence and per­spec­ti­ves through our local com­mit­ment and dedi­ca­ti­on to envi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion. We take care to use mate­ri­als spa­rin­gly and con­ser­ve resour­ces whe­re­ver possible.


this project
Lukas Zar­ling

Foun­der and Mana­ging Partner

Lukas is a qua­li­fied mecha­ni­cal engi­neer and foun­ded Strand­Fa­brik GmbH in 2020. Here he is the cont­act per­son for, among other things, repre­sen­ting the com­pa­ny extern­al­ly, net­wor­king and dri­ving the qua­li­ta­ti­ve and quan­ti­ta­ti­ve growth of the company.
When Lukas is not at Strand­Fa­brik, he can cer­tain­ly be found on the water – just as a true Kiel sprat should be.