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Our com­mu­ni­ty thri­ves on the many inno­va­ti­ve ide­as and on the indus­try- and craft-ori­en­ted com­pa­nies, foun­ders and visio­na­ries who work under one roof and sup­port each other. The Strand­Fa­brik com­mu­ni­ty curr­ent­ly con­sists of around 150 mem­bers. They are com­mit­ted to the Strand­Fa­brik in very dif­fe­rent ways and thus ensu­re that the inter­ac­tion works.

Unsere Community

Nach­hal­ti­ger Werk­stoff aus Seegras

Vom loka­len Rest­stoff zum Zukunftsmaterial
Unsere Community
Nor­t­hern Lights Surfboards


Hand­ge­mach­te Surfboards
Unsere Community

Lea Arndt – Holz­tech­ni­ke­rin &Tischlermeisterin

Tisch­le­rei Meisterinnenbetrieb
Unsere Community
Eugen Eisen­bart


Coach für intrin­si­sche Moti­va­ti­on und Trai­ner zur Errei­chung eines Flow-Zustandes
Unsere Community
Awa­re Boards


Nach­hal­ti­ge Kiteboards

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